The Dungeons of Caen guard the most precious Crystal even known, and you're going to steal it! Use your ingenuity beat traps and puzzles, to survive and steal the Crystal.

Total playtime of roughly 30 mins.

Made over 9 months of nights and weekends with lots of help from Michalis, Dan, Maire and Ben.

Using LibGDX as the framework and Aseprite for the art.

Any bugs or feedback, let me know in the comments.


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tried to kill the wizard  but nope. fun puzzles

Really loved the facial expressions of the character!

Cheers! I'll make sure I use weird faces in the next game

Hey there! I'd love to talk to you about bringing Caen onto Armor Games. Can you drop me an email?

Played all the game. Was skeeping text because that's what I do in games and missed the option to fight the old man. ):

Pretty cool game tho, wasn't planning to play it to the end, but the puzzles are too damn fun, couldn't make myself stop playing.

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I passed the game just pressing the "." key :b

Yup! that's some 'secret' developer button the comma and period buttons move you forward and back levels ( . and , ) 

Just played through the whole game- it was a fun experience- thanks.  I tried the give the crystal option after losing to him once,  but I would have liked to have tried fighting him again.  I just wanted to see what would happen.  Im not playing through all of those levels again tho! :P

There were some clever puzzles and things to work through.  nice work.


There's no way to fight the wizard EVER if you choose to give him the crystal even once - dying and respawning after doing so leaves you unable to shoot fireballs.

This is even more of a problem than it seems considering that the 'give crystal' option is the top one, so it's what you'll hit if you mash spacebar to get through the dialogue.

That's a good point, I'll switch the order and update. I'll also make sure you can shoot fireballs if you die at that point.

Thanks for the feedback.

Updated with your suggestion, thanks for the feedback!